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Our oyster season runs from October 1st-April 30th

NOTE: This is subject to change based on availability and DHEC regulations.

We serve local clusters from Bulls Bay in McClellanville, South Carolina for all oyster roasts unless they are unavailable, or customers request something different.

Set-up for oyster roasts include: tables, drums, gloves, knives, hand towels, hand sanitizer, sauces, and crackers.

We also supply oyster steamers and oyster chefs. 

NOTE: Labor for chefs is not included in the oyster set up fee.

Our standard recommendation for the quantity of bushels to purchase for a roast based on a 10:1 ratio (people to bushels) and if you think that it is going to be a heavy oyster eating crowd we suggest using an 8:1 ratio. 

Example: If you have 100 guests, we suggest having 10 bushels.

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